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Angela “A Love” Lewis

International Keynoter  • Empowerment Expert  •  Visibility Coach


“Empowered women dream on a whole different level.” – Angela Lewis

Voted one of the “Top 50 Empowered Women Empowering Women” by Called2Inspire Magazine, empowerment
expert Angela Lewis is a highly sought-after international keynoter, bestselling author, visibility coach, and
publisher. Highly regarded as one of the most influential voices in motivational speaking, Angela is now on a
mission to impact audiences and train individuals and corporations worldwide with her message of
encouragement and empowerment so they reach their highest potential.
Angela’s extensive expertise has earned her invitations to speak on major stages across the country. She has
delivered dynamic live and virtual keynote speeches for large audiences, including Shawn Fair’s Leadership
Experience Tour, Queens Roundtable Symposium, and Sister Leader Conference, to name a few.
She is a compelling thought leader and motivational speaker dedicated to supporting women's personal and
professional empowerment worldwide. In line with her unyielding passion for helping others succeed, Angela
founded “Hot Wife Society” and “I Am a Woman Empowered,” initiatives that provide women opportunities to
build confidence, connections, and collaborations through workshops, conferences, personal consultations, and
entrepreneurial ventures.
Angela is the founder/CEO of WE Empower Network, a broadcasting and media production company showcasing
several talented hosts who are committed to sharing inspirational and motivational content to help others shift
their mindsets to win in life. She is also the executive producer and co-host of the groundbreaking Empowered
Mornings Show, where the Queens of Empowerment come together on weekday mornings to get you plugged in
and bring some power back into your mornings.
Angela has a deep-rooted enthusiasm for helping women use their gifts, talents, and voice. She mentors
passionately, guiding her clients with results-proven strategies that provide the visibility and credibility needed for
their brands to elevate and dominate in the marketplace. She founded WE Empower Publishing, a publishing
company that has assisted hundreds of women in publishing literary works. She is the visionary of three bestselling
book anthologies; I Am a Woman Empowered: Stories of Strength, Resiliency & Triumphs, Woman Empowered 2:
Fierce, Fabulous & Free, and The Audacity to be Empowered. These books give women the voice to share their
personal stories to empower others.
Angela is an inspirational figure and has been recognized for her leadership, dedication, and contributions to her
community and the next generation. Her work has been featured on prominent media platforms such as Own It!
Magazine, SwagHer Magazine, Tap-In Magazine, Pretty Women Hustle Online, talk shows, podcasts, newspapers,
and more.

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