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Angela Lewis is a Motivational Dream Consultant with AJE Dreamland Productions. Her passion is seeking to help women and men across the globe get empowered, inspired, and motivated to pursue their dreams and their purpose. Angela has spent over a decade helping people to use their gifts in ministry and in the marketplace to make a difference. An encourager by nature, she believes we can all achieve our dreams when we believe in ourselves and proceed with an unwavering focus. 

Angela is also a Relationship Coach and the Founder and CEO of Hot Wife Hot Life LLC, an organization that brings awareness to the importance of self-love and strong marriages to the foundation of the family. The network provides opportunities for growth both personally and professionally, through an internet radio show, seminars, workshops, conferences, personal consultations, and entrepreneurial ventures. As a visionary and solutionist, Angela is always looking for ways to help people reach their greatest potential and experience an extraordinary life.


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